Ebenezer Goode on Top of the Pops 1993

On the evening of September 3, 1992, the British people switched on their television sets and were pretty baffled to discover the band The Shamen holding an acid party in the Top of the Pops studio, preforming the hit Ebenezer Goode.

The song was initially banned by the BBC, mostly because it is best known for its chorus, “‘Eezer Goode, ‘Eezer Goode / He’s Ebeneezer Goode”, the first part of which is audibly identical to, “Es are good” – ‘E’ being common slang for the drug ecstasy.

The song peaked on number 1 in the UK and Ireland, number 2 in Norway and number 8 in Finland.

Eventually, It was the 13th biggest selling single of 1992, selling 278,000 copies. It is the group’s biggest seller.